Open Wednesday through Saturday, 12pm to 6 pm

Established in 2017 by owner Aaron Rison. After a lifetime of loving music, Rison launched this shop after working as a trader and salesman around Spokane.

Walking into his shop is like walking into an audiophile’s heaven.

Tens of thousands of records, turntables, speakers, amplifiers, upgrades, and Ortofon styli and various stereo accessories. Collectable vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, and you never know what else you’ll find adorning the floor, walls and boxes. We get new product in every single day.

The corner of the shop has a wide array of instruments, including a full drum kit, a 1936 Hammond organ with Leslie, pianos, guitars -both acoustic and electric, and all that you’d expect to find in a live jam space.

Come down and join in the adventure into sound. There’s always someone around to enjoy it with you.